What to wear

What to wear:

When choosing what to wear, keep in mind that the scanning process captures every contour, in great detail. From the elastic waistband to the curve of an underwire, it’s all captured and will be part of your final dress form. It should not have any bumps on it (no belt loops or bulky waist bands) and it should fit well (not too tight). The scanning software can sometimes have a difficult time “seeing” black, so if possible select a solid lighter tone.

Most women choose to be scanned in bra and panties or yoga pants, but we understand if that’s not in your comfort zone. Try to choose close fitting leggings and bra that reflect a shape that will be useful to you later. For example, if you choose to be scanned in a sports bra, as our model did, this will limit the ways your form can be used for draping later.

For guys, something like unpadded bike shorts or yoga pants.

For women, again something that shows your true shape and likely the bra you will be designing most of your clothes around. Plan to bring a couple options incase you are unsatisfied with the scanned form. We also recommend a dressing gown for your comfort and modesty.

Please note: the scanning team is a man and a woman and you will not be alone with either one of us at any time, unless you specifically request it. We take safety and privacy very seriously and realize the scanning process can fell somewhat invasive (but less invasive than being covered in a “cast”). This is not a hands on process and you will not be touched in any way without your express consent .